Grooming Services

Regular Grooming Prices (Includes a Bath, Brushout, Nail Trim, and Ears Cleaned)

$65 – Cats
$40 – Large Bath and Brush (40-50 lbs) short hair
$30 – Medium Bath and Brush (25-35 lbs) short hair
$20 – Small Bath and Brush (5-20lbs) short hair

Add-on Grooming Packages (added on to a regular groom price)
$10 – Wellness Package: Oatmeal or Tea Tree shampoo, Nails Filed and Teeth Brushed
$5-$10 – DeShed Package: Two types of deshed shampoo and up to a 30 minute brushout. Gets rid of all loose and dead coat.
$5-$15 – Flea Bath: Use of flea shampoo to get rid of all live adult fleas.

Other Services
$55 – Cat Bath
$10 – Nail Trim
$6 – Teeth Brush: Your pets teeth brushed with fresh breath spray